Watt Pottery Values

Watt Pottery Ovenware pottery pieces are shown in hundreds of full-color photos, accompanied by description, size, and marks in many information guides and value guides.  Although there really is no definite value for any collectible piece,  price guides are intended to at least give the collector or purchaser some guidelines as to what an estimate might be on a particular item in question.  One of the first things that will help in determining the value of your pottery is to try and find out the age of the item. Certain patterns were produced earlier than other patterns. The quantity of patterns that were actually produced will also have an impact on value and rarity.  One of the most significant  facts to remember is that the condition of the piece in question is of utmost importance.  Mint condition pieces will bring top dollar.
There has always been some debate as to whether the advertising on some Watt Pottery pieces should add to the value or not.  Some Watt Pottery collectors truely enjoy collecting the advertising pieces while others just prefer collecting the standard pieces.  I tend to agree that this is just purely a case of preference.

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