Watt Pottery Company

The Watt Pottery Company was owned and operated from July, 1922 until 1965 in Crooksville, Ohio on the site of the old Burley Pottery Company. Active in manufacturing stoneware crocks and kitchen ovenware throughout those years, the Watt Pottery Company went out of business due to a fire in the plant 1965. From its inception through the early 1930s, the Watt Pottery Company manufactured stoneware crocks, butter churns, storage jars, preserve jars, and jugs. This stoneware is recognizable by its eagle or acorn marks which were stamped in blue, with number of gallons within a circle. In the mid-thirties, the company switched from producing stoneware in favor of modern oven wares. Oven wares, which gave the cook the ability to take the wares directly from the icebox to the oven, were possible due to a lighter weight clay body which had been developed for this flexibility and resilience of use. The earliest oven wares were not always identified with the Watt Pottery mark. Watt Pottery Company went on to produce solid color kitchenware in patterns such names as Moon and Stars, Arcs, Loops, Diamond and Grooves, popular collector references. The mark associated with these pieces, now in the late 1940s, generally but not always includes the bottom mark of an impressed MADE IN U.S.A., this and Oven Ware, or simply the bowl size, especially common within a graduated mixing or serving bowl set. The year 1949 found the company producing wares which were hand-painted by decoraters in as little time as possible to expedite output and lower production costs. These decorators used basic designs in bright colors on an ivory-colored background which exemplified the country life and appealed to housewives. These same designs have met the test of time and now appeal to collectors. The first group of hand-decorated patterns, produced from 1949 to 1953, are considered the Classic Patterns and include: Rio Rose, Moonflower, Dogwood, White Daisy, and Cross-Hatch. The second set, beginning in the early 1950s and overlapping with Classic Pattern production include: Starflower (1951), Apple (1952), Cherry (1952), Silhouette (1953), Rooster (1955), Dutch Tulip (1956), American Red Bud (Tear Drop) (1957), Morning Glory (1958), Autumn Foliage (1959), Double Apple (1959), and Tulip (1961). Many of these patterns are the most sought after by collectors today.  The Apple Watt Pottery pattern has always been a true fan favorite for years.

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