Watt Pottery Collectors

Watt Pottery Collectors have been collecting this beautiful pottery for years and years.  New Collectors are joining the ranks everyday. Many pieces of Watt Pottery are becoming quite scare to locate due to the damage of various items through the years. Also, many collections will keep the Watt Pottery out of the public marketplace.


Well, how did it all start for me?  I started collecting Watt Pottery about eight years ago or so.  I was introduced to this beautiful old time pottery by some very close friends of mine that were antique collectors of many things.  I actually viewed Antique Roadshow one evening and one of the products they were highlighting was Watt Pottery.  Once introduced, I became hooked immediately.  Of course I basically started out collecting Watt Pottery by purchasing a few pieces at antique auctions and also Watt Pottery on eBay.  I soon became very addicted to this gorgeous hand painted kitchen pottery and was purchasing many items on eBay quite often.  Like many folks I really loved the Watt Pottery Apple Pattern immensely and started grabbing just about every piece I could get my hands on.  I started collecting the number 62 Watt Pottery creamers in any pattern I could find.  After a while the only pieces of Watt Pottery I was interested in had to be Mint condition quality.  Just like everything else, the better the condition the higher the value.      

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